Problem ORACLE 9i: file is more recent than controlfile – old controlfile

When I am practicing oracle 9i fundamental one, I execute Database base control file location change operation. But unfortunately I have performed this operation in database open state. This cause problem when next time I try to open my database. Oracle has prompted messages “file is more recent than controlfile – old controlfile”.

I am new in oracle. This problem creates in big trouble to me. After exploring in Google at least two hour at last I can resolve this problem.

I have executed recovery operation. Here i follow incomplete user managed backup procedure. Before that I have backup my entire important file of the database. The follow below steps,

1. Open database at mount state
sql> startup mount

2. Identified the current Redo file
sql>select l.status, member from v$logfile inner join v$log l using (group#);
INACTIVE C:/oracle/MYDB/ctl/redo01.log
CURRENT C:/oracle/MYDB/ctl/redo02.log
INACTIVE C:/oracle/MYDB/ctl/redo03.log

Sql> select * from v$log;

3. Start database recovery
SQL>recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;

Input the current redo log file dirrectory and press enter

4. Open Database using reset log
sql> alter database open resetlogs;

Thanks GOD!!!

Ref: Here


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