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Writing seems to very tough job for me than programming. But I always believe that this the best way to share experience to the community.

I am writing for beginner specially who are fighting to solve the issue by sacrificing their night sleep 🙂 (still I am doing this sometimes). If someone gets benefited from my writing, it is great pleasure.

Please don’t forget to give the feedback.

Abul Khayer
GIS Developer

26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am Mushfiq-E Mahabub, doing my undergraduation from Noakhali Science & Technology University.I am a final year student,my final yaer project is related to location based technology.I found your blog by googling.Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.

  2. @Mushfiq,
    I hope that you can complete your undergrad project successfully. If you need any help, please don’t be hesitate to contact me.

  3. dear sir,
    i am new in gis working.i want to performe zoom in and zoom out (in center of map).without using .dll file support,in 3.5 .net
    framework c#.so,please you can help in code.
    thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Dep,
    Do you want to use .net for Map viewing? Actually you can do that using .net supported component like Mapwindow, SharpMap, ASPMap etc.
    Again if you don’t want to use .net server site control, you can use Openlayer with UML Mapserver.


  5. Thank u very much dear,from hare i got how to run crystal report in client system. After suffering some days. Once again thank u.

  6. Hi Khayer,

    I hope you remember me. Sorry I couldn’t found you email that is why posting message here. Kindly contact me as soon as possible. I`ll discuss the details on the email.


  7. May I get your phone number, I need your help for GIS, I am a medical Doctor. Please call me at 01730014068. Left a massage pls.

  8. No distributor in Bangladesh for ASPMap.NET. You have to purchase from their site directly using PayPal or bank transfer.

  9. Thank you *SO* much for your blog “Deploy VS 2008 Window Project That use Crystal Report”.

    I have had exactly this problem for the last 2 days and have been having a lot of trouble attempting to rectify it.

    I found your blog and solved the problem within minutes.

  10. hello bro,

    i have never worked on GIS. I want to divide bd map using location based technology on jute production. which will includes all jute related information of those areas…. how i could do it? I need to talk to you regarding this. pls add me in yahoo id: sajam123


  11. hello sir,
    i find your blog very useful right now we are starting a new project about web gis and don’t know where to start. can you give me tips where to start? thanks in advance

  12. we are planning to develop a repository of shapefiles and display those shapefiles on our web. As expert about GIS what mapping server do you recommend? geoserver or mapserver? thanks in advance

  13. @Rodel,
    Geoserver is a map storage and on the other hand mapserver is rendering engine. I think it should be Geoserver for your requirement.

  14. Dear Mr. Khayer,
    Your articles very useful in real implementation.
    I am Himadree From CSE at North South University , doing my internet&web technology course project about – “Bangladesh Web map application”.But I am very new for this work.I tried Postgresql/postGis, geoserver.But i want BD map inside a database and want to do some client side search query[find a place by typing a name etc ] with the help of php , html.Can you teach me to do this project? I am really stuck with it so need a guide on it. So please if you can provide teaching just let me know.

    Thank You Dear Mr. Khayer

  15. Dear Mr. Abul Khayer,

    Would you please suggest, from where can I attend Certified Kubernetes exam. Is there any online platform for doing that ? To note, I am from Bangladesh.

    Your help would be much appreciated.


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