My Sony Ericsson s312 internet setting


I am great fan of Sony Ericsson. Mainly I use mobile for internet access. After losing my k550 in sea in last cox’s Bazar tour, i decided to buy new SE phone. Then i brought SE S312 for its nice design and low price. But it confused me a lots when i found that there was no CD and data cable with the mobile. I downloaded latest PC suite from SE site but the PC suite can not recognize my S312 mobile. I called GP and SE service center for help. Unfortunately they can not do so much for me.  How can i use this phone as modem?

At last, i have got the solution with the help of my colleague. I follows below steps,

1. Call mobile service provider for internet setting(Wap & internet setting is  not same) of the phone.

2. Download USB driver for s312 from here.

3.Install the Driver. Follow the instruction. Do not connect mobile with cable until prompt by installer.

4. After successfully installing the driver, check the phone modem.
Right Click My Computer>Hardware>Device Manager>Modems
If your day is not bad, You will get Sony Erricsson Mobile Device modem.

Note that your phone is connected with data cable properly

5. Right click Sony Erricsson Mobile Device, click Diagnostics Tab, then click query Modem
Modem will response it status.

6. Then click Advance. Write belows Extra Setting to Connect,
For Grameen Phone(Bangladeshi Mobile Operator):
Here “gpinternet” is the APN name of the Grameen phone.

For Airtel (Indian Mobile Operator):
Here, “” is the APN name of the airtel phone. For other operator, you have to know the APN name of the mobile operator.

For other operator, you have to know the APN name of the mobile operator.

7. Click Okay.

8. Go Control Pannel>Network Setting >Create New Connection

9. Create a new connection with *99***1# or *99# dialing number(For Grameen phone). This number can be different depending on mobile operators. It’s is better if you take help from corresponding mobile operator’s customer care to create a new connection.

10. Then connect the PC to the internet.

11. Thanks  good, it save my phone from dumping.
This setting is also helpful for w302(No CD & Cable Package). For w302, you need to download USB-Modem driver form SE Service Center.

For more information about GPRS internet Setting click here.

Please write comment below if this post do any help for you.

Abul Khayer
GIS Programmer,