Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider

I have faced very complex problem when i am using Mysql Datasource in SQLDatasource. It give reference error like “Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider” in the time of hosting the site in remote server where Mysql Data connector is not install. After spending long time in the web, i get the solution of this problem. This give me relax at last.

Cause: I have used SQLDatasource to populated a grid to retrieve data from the internet. here i select mysql as data source.

Here is SQLDatasource Setting,

Here is my connection String

This configuration work well in local machine. But when i upload this site for hosting in remote server, this encounter an error which says that the mysql provider name is not found.

I have added some extra configuration in my web.config file.

Again it is noted that all above change is applicable only to the application “web.config” file in the host server. If host server already installs mysql data connector, then there is no change required. I am using Mysql Data Connector Version 5.1. For Upper version i will be required some minor change in the Control assembly ID number.

Here i give the snap shoot and download linkĀ  of “web.config” file of my well working site,


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